Saturday, September 18, 2021

Influencer in High Demand: How She Got There

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Meeta Vengapally is a top Instagram influencer as well as founder and CEO of Garnysh, a Silicon Valley-based fitness and technology company that uses real-time tracking and analytics to support fitness and nutrition goals. Known for her glamorous photos and flashy product endorsements, Meeta’s Instagram profile page is @meetamoment, where she has over 182,000 followers and counting.

More than 500 brands have approached Meeta for sponsorship and promotions, including Target, Bumble Bizz, Amazon, Fresh Beauty, Frigidaire, and Sephora. She has also graced many magazine covers as a Top Influencer, including Gmaro, Moevir Paris, and Rich & Beautiful.

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We sat down for an interview with Meeta to learn how she first got her start, what her approach to influencer marketing is, and her recommendations for how others can launch their own influencer careers.

AllBusiness: How did you get started as an influencer on Instagram?
Meeta Vengapally: When I first founded my tech and fitness startup, I was approached by a fitness company to test their new products and provide feedback. I had less than 5,000 Instagram followers back then. Providing this kind of feedback seemed to be a good fit. I loved doing it and the rest was history. One partnership led to another, and now I have a team whose entire job is to vet sponsorships and deals daily. Looking back on things, the whole process was natural and organic.

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