September 4, 2021

Consider Strategic Partnerships

By 1qrf1lli4ce

Because business owners are so personally invested in and knowledgeable about their products, someone outside your company should look at your marketing plan to make sure your strategy will resonate with your intended audience.

“This is the biggest piece of advice I always give,” said Myers. “You can’t do everything yourself. Consider a marketing consultant to help you put together a strategic plan, or at least talk to an expert to help you come up with a strategy. If you can’t afford a marketing consultant, ask a friend. Bounce some ideas off someone on the outside.”

By sharing your plan with someone who has some distance from your business, you’ll get a clearer sense of how likely someone is to respond to your marketing the way you want.

Key takeaway: Ask for an outside opinion about your marketing plan. When you’re knee-deep in building your strategy, it’s easy to overlook issues or lose sight of the customer.

Part of your target customer profile should be about where your audience can already be found: the media they consume, activities they enjoy and locations they visit. These are places where your marketing is most likely to be seen by your target customers.

“Think about strategic partnerships,” said Myers. “The best place to start in terms of marketing is to think about where these people are already gathered together in one place.”

To identify potential partnerships, think about what businesses or media channels have already attracted your customers.

“Look for businesses that aren’t competitors but already service those audiences,” Myers said. Then, you can approach them with ideas for mutually beneficial partnerships, such as advertising, joint promotions or discounts.

Key takeaway: See if you can partner with other businesses your audience visits to boost your consumer traffic and expand your marketing reach.