October 2, 2021

Tips for identifying and reaching your target audience

By 1qrf1lli4ce

It is key to your business’s survival to understand who your consumers are. Myers suggests these seven tips to uncover and connect to your target audience.

Have a concrete plan.
To reach your target customer, you first need a definite marketing plan.

“The more specific you can be, the more bang for your buck you’re going to get in your conversion rate,” Myers said.

To draw up a buyer persona (your target customer profile), consider where your customers get their information, what other interests they have, their social media use, their geographic region and other demographics. You can use your company’s Facebook Insights or other social media analytics as a guide. A clearly defined customer profile and marketing plan allows you to reach your target demographic as economically as possible. [Read related article: Everyone Is Not Your Customer, and That’s OK]

“The more specific you can get [with your strategy], the easier it is to reach those people for less money,” Myers said. “Don’t spend money for 10 people to hear your message when only three people are going to buy it.”

Key takeaway: Research your target consumers beforehand so you can prepare the proper marketing materials and strategy for your audience.

Create benchmarks.
In addition to a concrete plan, Myers recommends setting clear benchmarks to track your performance.

“Start with your goals,” she said. “You need something to reach for and also something to benchmark against.”

Set benchmarks for how well your marketing strategy converts leads into customers, what you’re spending on your marketing campaign and the revenue you earn as a result. Be sure to track not just the overall results of your marketing, but how specific strategies convert. For example, if you run an ad, include a discount code that customers can use when they make an order. Otherwise, you won’t know whether they found your company through the ad or another source.

“Track where leads are coming from so you know what is and isn’t effective … so you can adjust your spend later,” said Myers. “Then, if something’s not working, you try something else.”

Key takeaway: Create a way to track your marketing so you can determine whether it’s reaching consumers.

Clarify your message.
Marketing is all about message, Myers says. One of the most common mistakes she sees businesses make is not having a clear message.

“A lot of business owners … typically aren’t great at crafting a message because they’re so incredibly invested in [their business],” said Myers. “[You should] communicate in one sentence or less what you are selling and why someone should care.”

Giving your audience a reason to care is an essential part of creating a marketing plan that reaches them. Use your target customer profile to identify their pain points, then create a concise, clear message that focuses on the ways your business solves those problems.

Key takeaway: A clear message is key to connecting with consumers. Be direct and straightforward about your vision to give them a clear understanding of what you offer.